25 February 2012

PSDV - pSividia Technical Analysis Charts 2.26.2012

PSDV moved wildly up on Friday on no news. Can it be sustained? The daily chart is saying one should be careful, but the weekly and monthly charts are saying there is more room to grow. Have a look:

Financially, the company is doing okay. Recently they had a setback with one of their products. I'd do some research into the company and see what and how many products are in development. This has the potential to keep on running. It would be healthy to see a pullback, given the overbought readings on the daily.

Keep an eye on this one for a quick trade. I would be a buyer in the 1.30s if it pulls back. It won't stay there long. If it doesn't pull back, watch the areas of resistance noted in the daily chart. If it breaks those it will be pretty easy to reach $3.00. If it has trouble at those resistance areas the stock should still get to $3.00 but instead of days it could take weeks or months.

10 March 2010

VIPR Breakout is Imminent!!

Depending on your resolution, you may need to click the chart to view it in its entirety!

Key indicators are BULLISH!